The brand

The symbol of the „Holnap” / Tomorrow / Association is a wordmark logo, which means that the word is the logo, and there are no other external symbols. When the logo was designed the Szekler calligraphy style was implemented in a today’s typography so at first glance it looks like a written text with Szekler model, but it is legible for everybody. In the logo, the main pillar can be seen, the water mill, as an abstract mill-wheel-millstone.
The circle as symbol in the logo: The circle is also the symbol of time; the wheel rotates. The rotary motion is perfect, unchangeable, without beginning or end, without any changes; this fact makes it possible to represent the time. Time can be defined as the continuous and unchanged successions of similar sequences – the symbol of tomorrow and yesterday.
The circle can be the symbol of divine power not only by nature but also the unchangeable goodness that spreads, like the beginning of all things, supporting and consummation of all things; Christian tradition would say: like alpha and omega.